Importance of Education

Importance of Education

This is an Inspirational Story Created by a little girl named Avantika Class 4th. She is presenting her views through this story.

How Education becomes a powerful tool in our bad situationseducation

Once there was a lady who was living happily with her husband and three little daughters. Her Daughters were so little eldest one was 10 years old, Younger one 8 years old and youngest one 6 years old. All were going to school. They were studying in different- different classes but suddenly the husband of that lady died in a major accident So She became helpless, because there was no any resource of income. She started getting upset whole day she was not capable to pay their daughters fee amount as well.

So one day she got an idea for doing job. She went to a company to meet H.R of that company. She started waiting outside the office of H.R. After some time H.R called her in his office and asked her,” Are You Sweeper”? Because she was looking so poor as she was wearing dirty & torn clothes. She replied No,” I’m not Sweeper. So H.R Said, “ok”. He asked the second question that is u educated? She Replied, “I’m not more educated but I have studied only 5th standard. Listing her statement H.R got irritated and replied,” There is no vacancy for you sorry You may go From Here”. So she had to go back to her home. She was so upset in the mean while She thought an idea that what That H.R was saying “Sweeper” why shouldn’t I try for doing work as sweeper. She started moving door to door for getting work but no one was ready to give her work in their homes She had to do a lot of struggle for getting a sweeper job. finally she could find a little job but when she went there she had to listen to the owner and herself respect also got hurt in earning living hood for her family so she took determination that come what may I will make my Daughters more educated and education will make them powerful to face problems in life, They will not have to face miserable life After some years when her Daughters grown up so They became too much educated and Intelligent because they worked not only their education but also skills. As she could find the value of education that it helps in our bad situation, where there is no one to help us at that time education becomes a powerful weapon in our life.

So We Must Find Our Core Strength  

So as You know that Education means a lot in everyone’s life. We must give the value to education not only theoretically but also practically. Parents teach a good moral lessons through stories, its also an education. Education makes us civilized from primitive one. We were primitive in ancient time so education gave us a valuable life. We were not getting change generation after generation but now there has been a great change in our society a big part of population is focusing towards education to get success in life.

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  • Shahnawaz kassar

    October 3, 2018 at 11:17 am

    This is fabulous story and keep it is inspiring for me and mind blowing work.
    Thanks for sharing


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